1. People reached through the journeys

To quantify SunPedal’s impact, there have been more than 100,000 people who either witnessed the solar-powered electric vehicle in action or attended the awareness and outreach interactive seminars during the journeys spanning India, Iceland and France.

2. Striking Conversations

The practical demonstration of the working aspects of the solar-powered electric vehicle during these interactive seminars was the highlight of these awareness sessions. People could take test-drives to understand the electric vehicles used for these journeys better.

3. The Ripple Effect

The corporate stakeholders involved in the project right from the beginning have seen positive growth in business and brand outreach due to the network and connections enabled during these journeys.

4. Reducing Carbon Footprint

Our carbon neutral journeys are a testament to prove that sustainable mobility (electric and renewable) is possible and here to stay. With more than 13,000 kilometers driven so far using solar power as the energy source, we’ve been able to save more than 50,00,000 trees, equivalent to xx CO2 emissions.


How Electric Mobility is Clean

1. ZERO tail-pipe emissions

2. Lower per-KM cost than petrol rickshaws

3. Super-low noise pollution

4. One battery charge = 120 kms