Welcoming the Monsoon in Udaipur

Until this point, we’ve had a rough climb. After starting from Bangalore and some kindness from the weather god in Mumbai and Lonavala, we’ve had temperatures flying way over 45 degrees throughout. A particularly loo-laden stint in Gujarat later, we made our way to Udaipur, where we were surprised by the first showers during our trip. Enthusiastic, happy kids went out in the picturesque town and walked around, ate a lot of Rajasthani spread, swam in pools, and soaked up Udaipur. To be telling the truth, this was our first “trip” trip in the SunPedal GQ!

Here’s what the team got up to during their time in Udaipur. It is a photo story!


We reached our destination, Q Hotel in Udaipur, ate some basic daal chawal and trundled on to City Palace with our saheli, the tuk-tuk!

We were late in reaching the City Palace, and had to make a quick run through it, soaking in all we could. Definitely coming back to Udaipur for more.

Our friend Sudheer, has a talent for photography, which we discovered that day. Definitely more dedicated to the art than I am! Here’s some of the light painting he did today.

After a bunch of shopping behind the by-lanes of City Palace, we zipped around town with the tuk-tuk and reached Fatehsagar Lake, just in time for this epic sunset on the first day of Rajasthan monsoon.

We also happened to try the Kulhad coffee near at Sai Sagar Coffee Shop near Fatehsagar Lake in Udaipur. It is touted to be famous. We also got our hands on some very good paneer tikka in the same shop. Good evening!

For rhetoric’s sake, we welcomed the first monsoon morning at the Sajjangarh Monsoon Palce. The King of Mewar is said to have donated the palace to his subjects. Beautiful second morning, and an ode to the fact that we’re chasing the rains. :)

Pallavi Siddhanta